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The phenomenon of wooden toys

What is the phenomenon of wooden toys?

Wooden toys have been winning the hearts of the youngest and their parents in recent years. We have returned to them after a long break, appreciating the charm of natural and ecological blocks or cars again. But this is not the only advantage that traditional wooden toys stand out with. Let’s think about their magic.

Simple design

Aesthetics is a very important matter – especially in the case of toys for small children. On the one hand, toys for children should be colourful, but on the other hand- they cannot overwhelm with the excess of stimuli. As is often the case for many products from the toy shop. Simple design does not irritate or annoy and allows the toddler to concentrate better on the task – for example, on arranging a tower of blocks or matching individual elements to each other.

Naturally beautiful

Wooden toys – those made in an eco-friendly way – smell great and are very pleasant to touch. Smooth, well-polished and sanded surfaces make you want to touch them! A toddler will be interested in his wooden blocks when he is already one year old. So let’s give him such a gift.

Safe for a child

Children, especially the younger ones, like to put everything in their mouths. This is why toddlers up to the age of 3 should not get toys containing small elements. But not only they can be a risk. The problem may also arise when the manufacturer uses harmful substances – for example, adhesives lacking certificates or varnishes that are not resistant to children’s saliva. It will not arise if you choose high quality wooden toys – for example, those offered by LUPO Toy Manufactory. All of them have CE certificates and are in accordance with the EN-71 standard.

They develop talents of a toddler

Many modern toys give a child everything, served like on a silver platter. The toy moves itself, makes sounds, speaks, plays, moves … And a toddler? He is actually a passive observer of the action and learns that everything is very easy. As we know, life is not like that, and the fun is also aimed at developing the child’s skills. Wooden toys do it extremely well. And that’s because they:

  • stimulate the imagination of a toddler- wooden blocks can become, in fact, everything, and the child can place them just as he will invent,
  • develop motor skills – playing with them, a toddler practices the ability to match elements to each other, and to shape the spatial imagination (necessary later e.g. in geometry lessons) and the ability to logically think,
  • involve a child intellectually – “forcing” to act and make decisions,
  • they teach that there is something outside the virtual reality – thanks to them, a child can discover that there is also fun apart from the smartphone and the TV.

And one more thing: wooden toys have the charm of bygone age, they recall us – parents and grandparents- the memories of our own childhood. It is worth passing the values hidden in them to the next generations.