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Wooden blocks entertain and develop

After fashion for plastic blocks, wooden blocks are making a comeback. Parents
appreciate not only the return to nature, but also their unlimited possibilities. Despite their
simplicity, they have a positive impact on the development of the child – on many levels
simultaneously. Get to know all their advantages and find out why you should give them to
your child.
Wooden blocks – educational toys for every child
Wooden blocks are toys that can be described as educational and developmental without any
hesitation. There is a huge potential in them, thanks to which children acquire and train skills.
Their educational role is primarily to affect development beneficially- from the first months of life.
Wooden blocks allow to:

  • discover the world of shapes,
  • learn about colours,
  • train fine motor skills (i.e. the functionality of hands and fingers),
  • develop creativity and stimulate imagination,
  • develop cognitive skills,
  • support learning of causal effectspractise concentration and patience.

In addition, blocks can be used to teach mathematics – counting blocks is much more pleasant
than counting, for example, plastic sticks.
Wooden blocks – fun without maximum age limit
The great thing about wooden blocks is that you can play with them without limits. There is no
maximum age limit here – contrary to ready-made sets of plastic blocks (offered for specific age
groups). A child – depending on how old he is, he can use the blocks at his own discretion. That's
why they’re also very universal and timeless toys.
While the year-old (and even younger) children will enjoy the destruction of the towers built by
their parents, 2-3 year-olds will be able to create various pyramids, towers or bridges. Fun with
blocks will also absorb older children – they will create original and unique constructions from
large sets, and only the imagination will be a limitation.
Playing with wooden blocks is addictive and never gets boring. This kind of toys can make you
occupied for a long time, providing great fun and teaching through play at the same time.
Therefore, it is worth investing in the LUPO TOYS product range, in which you will find natural
wood blocks available at an attractive price.