LUPO toy factory is a place where traditional and unique toys are made. And so for many generations. We create them with love, to give children unforgettable impressions.

Due to our love for wood, or… how it all started?

The first wooden toys, which currently are an inspiration for us, were created in the workshop of our grandfather.

The story begins a few years after the war, during the times when there was a
shortage of literally everything. However, there was no shortage of dreams to create and cause a smile on the faces of children. The production of toys was carried out “by the way”, because first of all our grandfather had to provide for his family, which was quite large.

Our dad very fondly recalls the first toys that he got from his grandfather. And yes, despite the passage of years, the wooden toys are still associated with the magic of childhood. Childhood that smells like homey apple pie, away from computers and smartphones, but close to family and friends.

Not only toys, but also furniture, floors and stairs were created in our grandfather’s workshop with the use of traditional methods. LUPO relies on modern methods of wood processing, which put emphasis on precision. However, the human factor is crucial here, because it’s a person and not a machine that watches over the safety and good appearance of each product at the final stage of production.

From concept to implementation

Our toy workshop doesn’t leave anything to chance

Each, even the smallest part of the toy is created from A to Z by us.

  • Everything begins from the concept. It’s the basis for performance of the design, and then the prototype. We usually create them, because another brilliant idea just pops into our head. Also, we often create something exclusively at the request of the customer.
  • Wooden toys are sometimes more complex than they seem. In such cases, a large stock of machine tools is invaluable and it allows us to implement the most demanding projects – in order to make sure that the final effect is ravishing.
  • We test, check and refine – in order to make sure that each toy from our workshop is safe and full of priceless experiences.

Simple design that inspires

Beauty of our toys lies in their simplicity

Childhood is a period in which a child is supposed to acquire as many skills necessary in the adult life as possible. Toys that move by themselves, make various sounds and show ready solutions make the child only a passive viewer. They prevent the child from shaping the surrounding reality.

Wooden toys are different. A child may decide on its own, what kind of building will be created from a wood that is pleasant to touch. It may organize a race of cars, which will be set in motion by the child itself. This is the right way to learn how the world works, while developing imagination.

MADE IN EU – it sounds proudly

Each product is a challenge for us, while its production is an adventure

We want to spread the passion for wooden toys not only in Poland, but also abroad. We understand that we have a big responsibility due to that fact. Therefore, “Made in Poland” inscription obliges us to put even greater emphasis on uncompromising quality at every stage of production.

Go with us for an extraordinary adventure to the world in which tradition is combined with the future. Allow the next young generations to discover wooden toys!


We would like to thank for the words of appreciation from our partners and customers. Every warm comment mobilizes us to work even harder.
Remarks of our customers are very important to us – they improve our products!

Cooperation with LUPO TOYS is pure pleasure! From the design, the details, the adjustment to the product and delivery.

Marcina Wrona / WROMET

We made the first purchase fairly timidly, thinking that it's another wooden toy which is quite a lot on the market. After unpacking the first delivery, as soon as we picked up the toys, we knew right away that Lupo Toys is a company with which we bind our future. Everything is made with due accuracy, attention to everyone, even the smallest detail. The colors are expressive, but not tiring eyes of a child and the variety of textures stimulates the touch perception of a small person. What else can I say ... except that the truck with blocks is the only toy that took my two-year-old for almost an hour. I recommend with a clean heart 🙂

K.Paciuszkiewicz / ADIKU.pl